My family – now

I am married to my best friend, Diana.  She is the most amazing, caring, passionate woman, and I thank God everyday that He allowed our paths to cross.  We met while working together and life took us in different directions.  Over the next three years our paths would keep crossing, deepening our relationship to that of close friends.  Very different circumstances with similar outcomes brought us to a level where we appreciated the true friendship and caring of each other.  When our path crossed the final time, was it love at first sight?  No, it was much more than that.  This was a calm, peace in my heart knowing I was looking into the eyes of the woman I would share the rest of my life with.  We were God’s perfect match for each other and today, more than 12 years later, still look at each other with wonder and amazement.

Not only was this relationship unique, but the life it would bring was more so.  In God’s perfect timing I was given the opportunity to be a dad.  I didn’t understand it then, but Hunner has been a defining part of my life.  The responsibility and the charge to bring him up in the eyes of the Lord shaped me as a young adult and saved me from many of the distractions of early adult-hood.  With that responsibility I had a renewed focus to excel in college and to be someone he could look up to.  When my path brought me to Diana, I was once again given that awesome responsibility.  Corbin, at just six-weeks old, captured my heart and reaffirmed God’s unique plan for my life.  This “instant” family should have had its challenges, obstacles and difficulties, but instead it was a bright blessing.  Not only did Diana and I mesh, but our children fit into perfect places within our hearts.  Our life felt complete…almost.  Praising God for what we had, we each longed for something that seemed unattainable.  That all began to change one early morning.  With tears of excitement and hearts of nervousness, we discovered we would once again go down the parenting road.  This time, though, it would be together.  Having a child together was nothing short of a miraculous blessing from God.  He provided in ways that we didn’t even know and in His perfect timing, remembered us.  What we discovered a few short months later still leaves us in awe.  The first time we saw Abigail, OUR daughter on the monitor in that doctor’s office, we couldn’t contain our emotions.  Not only had God given us a child, but he had answered the longing in our hearts for a daughter.

Today, our unique little family unit, complete with his, hers, and our kids, pets, and all of life’s craziness, keeps us on the edge.  Sometimes on the edge of insanity, but always on the edge of amazement and wonder.  I find myself, so often, watching my wife sleep and being unable to even ponder how I got to this point.  How God thought of me and walked with me through so many of life’s ups and downs and brought me to this point in my life.  I still have ups and downs, but today I experience everything with a faithful wife, loving children, and a heart that longs to praise God for His mercy and love in my life.