My family – growing up

I am a child of God.  First and foremost I belong to Christ.  There is nothing about me that isn’t part of His perfect plan for my life.  I was born to amazing parents that have hearts of gold.  My mother is a beacon in my life.  She continues to model for me, perseverance, strength and faith.  Though I moved from under her wing many years ago, I continue to look up to her and learn from her.  The most important thing she has taught me, to this point in my life, is that nothing is certain, but love is never failing.

My father is a man like no other.  He is a model of strength and kindheartedness.  His compassion for all those he interacts with has taught me respect and the value of pouring your life into others.  Little did I know, all those years growing up as a “weekend-kid”, he taught me how to take what you have and make the absolute most of it.  Because of his never-ending love and interest in my life, I am able to be a guide and influence in the lives of my kids.

With any “unique” family, there exists that opportunity to have the “step-parents”.  Over the years, i have watched friends who had split families and sometimes the “other parent” was awesome, other times they were a nightmare.  I was lucky…shortly after my parents parted, I was blessed with a step-mom, Debbie and a couple years later, a step-dad, Ernie.  Both of these individuals loved me, immediately, and have taught me so many things that helped shape me into the man that I am today.  In the early parts of my adult life, I was once again blessed to get a “Charlie”.

Charlie made a grand entrance into our family at a critical time.  My mom was single again and raising two teenagers, I moved back home after my marriage crumbled, my grandmother was valiantly living out her final days with cancer, and there was Charlie.  Charlie was the missing piece to my mother’s life.  The backbone she needed and the friend she deserved.  I was reserved.  Here is “another” step-dad.  Again, God said let Me show you what I have planned for your life.  Charlie has been a model for me.  Another person God has given me to help shape me and mold me.  His passion and caring for my mom and her family is a shining example for me.  I am so thankful that this awesome man of God is in my life and daily living out a life of love for Christ.  Charlie is so much more than a “step-dad” to me.