What gets me going?  What floats my boat?  My interests…

My interests are first and foremost my God and my family.  There is nothing in life that brings me more joy than serving the God that is STILL in control of this crazy world.  I do that with my faithful best friend – my wife.  Together with my children, they fill every need in my heart and always make sure my life never has an opportunity to be dull and boring.

I also have a passion for service.  I didn’t know it, but when I was young and got excited every time I heard a siren, God was preparing my heart for a life of service.  On my 18th birthday, I went to the local fire department and submitted my application to become a volunteer.  19 years later I am the Chief of that same organization and still have the same desire and passion to help my fellow citizens in the most desperate time of need.  This passion for serving also extends to my church life.  I got the opportunity to become a youth leader several years ago and travel to various parts of the word as a short-term missionary.  I never knew the emotion and satisfaction of giving up a short part of my life to go and share the love of Christ with others.  During these opportunities of service, I also get the chance to pursue another interest – teaching.  In college I wondered around for three years trying to figure out who I wanted to be.  I had lots of interests and leads, but the first time I sat in an education class, I knew that my calling was to be a teacher.  That calling led me to earn a degree in PE / Health education.

Other interests include a passion for activity, especially sports.  My wife dreads the end of summer, not just because it means cold weather is just around the corner, but also because it signals the beginning of college football season.  I am a true blue and old gold mountaineer.  I root for my WVU teams without fail, win or lose, in good times and bad.  There is nothing much more exciting than hanging out with 60,000 good friends in Morgantown on a Saturday afternoon.  Of course it’s just as fun to also visit with 15,000 of them at the Coliseum when we “roll out the carpet and bring on the Mountaineers”.  This love of sports also fuels my passion to coach.  I had visions of being a high school ball coach when I was in college, but have since, over time, realized my passion lies in youth sports.  I am a fundamentals guy.  I love teaching kids the love for the game and the fundamental skills needed to become successful as they grow up.

There are many more passions, but this is a website, not a novel.  But that pretty much sums it up: God, Family, Service, Education and Activity / Sports.