Intentional Living: Following God’s GPS

As I continue to adjust back to home, I have spent the past few days processing, seeking, and listening.  I know God has moved me in an extraordinary way and I am on a mission to capture that movement and follow the path He has laid out for me.  As I thought about my walk with Christ, I keep coming back to the words focus and intentional.  Focus is a funny word to me, mostly because I am 100% A.D.D.  Even today, as I read and study God’s word, I have found my mind drifting to completely different things.  Focus is not easy, but it’s an attitude and trait I have given to God and asked Him to help me change.  I want to live a life focused on Him – hourly, daily, weekly, and forever.  I mentioned it before, one of the greatest aspects of serving Christ in an all-inclusive environment is that the focus is always on Him.  Now that I am back in my reality, the focus still has to be all about Him.

For ADD people, we know that in order to focus we have to consciously do it.  Many people can do things without even thinking about them, but for someone who has a wandering mind, you have to purposefully keep your mind engaged on the point of focus.  This is a part of what is meant when we talk about living an intentional life for Christ.  Purposefully finding out what God wants, what pleases Him, and how He has gifted you to accomplish His will.  The other part of that is going beyond figuring it out, but actually doing it.  For a long time, I have had the head and even heart knowledge, knowing what to do, but it stopped there.  It’s like figuring out your exact destination on a trip – right down to the street number.  You take that information, enter it into a GPS, and instantly, the path is laid out before you.  Here is the starting point, here is the route, and here is the ending point.  But now what?  Well, the obvious answer is to start the car into motion and follow the route.  So why don’t we do that with God?  We have His word.  If we know Him as our savior, we have on-board GPS – the Holy Spirit.  All that’s left is to start into motion and follow the leading of the Spirit.  But for so many, myself included, we stop at the starting line.

For a long time, I didn’t feel prepared to start.  I knew the path, I trusted God’s word and plan, but I didn’t know how to follow it. I didn’t think I had it in me to tell others about Him in an effective way that would lead them to salvation.  I couldn’t speak eloquently enough, didn’t have enough answers to tough questions.  So I just sat there, not moving, just being.  In Ephesians 5:10, the Bible says “Figure out what will please Christ, and then do it.” (From The Message).    The context of this passage deals with following God’s example, not getting caught up in the worldly concerns of this life.  He is our GPS.  He is the beginning and end.  He is perfection and following him intentionally every day will keep us moving on the perfect path to become what He desires and accomplish what brings Him glory.  Now, I can’t illustrate anything with a GPS and not talk about re-calculating.  Anyone that has ever followed a GPS has made a turn, or a decision and saw the words re-calculating.  That does not mean the destination has changed, it just means you’ll get there by a different route.  The same is true in our Christian walk.  Thank God we are saved by grace and nothing we do outside of faith changes that.  Imagine if you were driving along on your trip, made a wrong turn and the GPS just quit and said, “Good Luck.”  We would never get where we were headed.  God loves us so much that He is willing to recalculate, but He’ll never simply turn off.  He just gives us a new route and our job is to trust that the route He provides will be the perfect way to get us from where we are to where He wants us to be.[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Go where He says to go. Serve how He wants you to serve.  Love how He wants you to love.  Be intentional.[/pullquote]

So, how does this apply?  It’s simple. Be on purpose – or be intentional. Pray daily, seeking the face of God and by faith and with commitment, submit to Him.  Go where He says to go. Serve how He wants you to serve.  Love how He wants you to love.  Determine everyday to live a life that thinks about Christ, considers what He would do when faced with our situation, and walk how He would walk, leaning on the faith that God will provide whatever is needed to do it.  Take responsibility for how you live your life.  It isn’t enough to say I want to be more like Christ.  The right statement to make is, “Today, I will be more like Christ in my thoughts and actions.  He is the perfect GPS and is ready to take us on this journey called life, helping us reach the destination He has for each of us.  Are you willing to take the ride?

Father, I love you.  I am in awe of you and I fear you.  I feel your perfect love and can see clearly this day how you intend for me to live.  I intentionally choose to look for every opportunity to walk with you and serve you with my whole heart.  I thank you for this refreshing attitude and pray that I’ll wake each day with the same purpose to follow you in all that I do.  In your name I pray – Amen.

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