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Why did God do this to me? Part 1

We have a bad day at work, or worse, we find ourselves out of a job.  A catastrophic weather event destroys our homes or neighborhood.  A person bent on evil commits a terrible act and the same question always surfaces: why did God do this?  It’s natural for humans to be inclined to have an idea of a supreme being or beings.  As a believer, I know that we are born with an inclination toward God because we are His creation and He created us for a personal relationship with him.  That doesn’t mean everyone submits to that call, in fact many flat out reject God on every level.  But that’s another post.  Today, I want to focus on why we blame God and accuse Him of intentionally hurting us through one act or another.  I read a short and simple verse today from the book of Numbers.  He asked the Lord, “Why have you brought this trouble on your servant? What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people on me? (Num 11:11).  This made me think about how we blame God for all that goes wrong.  Even believers have a tendency sometimes to question God’s motives when life just isn’t going as we  planned.  While reading that passage a few times over, I realized that my generation is not new to this questioning God.  I think those that lived during biblical times had a clearer understanding of the nature of God, yet they still questioned and in some cases placed blame.  After digging a little bit, I came across an interesting fact.  No other God  that is worshiped receives as much criticism for life’s happenings than the one true God in heaven.  The reason behind this, according to an article I stumbled across – because our God is all loving.  The other God’s out there have reputations for their vengeance or wrath and it is expected often times.  I would be willing to bet that if you asked 100 random people who were in the midst of a tragedy who they blamed when they said why did God let this happen? they would be talking about the almighty God in Heaven.

So let’s tackle that question head on.  If our God is so mean and careless with how he directs his creation, there must be a reason.  The answer is really two part.  First and foremost, we were created by a holy God.  A God that loved us so much that He sent His son to live an earthly life and die in our place to cover our sin debt.  I know, that’s the Sunday school answer, but it still rings true.  God is holy.  He is pure and separate.  He can’t be in the presence of sin.  His righteousness is so perfect and pure that He is willing to suffer the separation from His creation when they sin and refuse to repent through the acceptance of Christ’s salvation.  So to say that God has ill will toward us from time to time is to completely go against His holiness.  There is nothing that compares to God’s love and purity, it is unrivaled.  So with that in mind, we still have to explain why the bad things happen.  That question really provides an answer on it’s own.  Bad things do happen because we live in a sin-fallen world full of people with the one capability that sets them apart from anything else ever created – free will.  Try to wrap your mind around this idea: God created man in his own image.  Genesis tells us that God created man in his own image which would have been a perfect human being as God is perfect.  A man without blemish or sin.  He also created a woman in the same way, perfect.  In them he gave a living soul that was intimately connected with God.  When they spoke God answered.  They could see Him, talk to Him.  That relationship was exactly what it was intended to be.  God also gave those perfect creations one other thing – free will.  See God’s love is reflected back from us in our willingness  to love him and seek him.  Not out of mandatory action, but out of our free will.  This was of utmost importance and is what makes a relationship with the creator so beautiful.  But in that free will comes the risk that we will not choose God or His ways in our life.  God has accepted that risk, to be separated from his creation, in order to make way for the purest act of love – freely choosing God.

Let’s let this sink in for the day.  Reflect on the beauty of God’s love for his creation and how deep it must run to risk that separation in order for each of us to have free will.  Then, tomorrow, we’ll look at how this free will  opens the door for bad things to happen and how I think God really works in the middle of these issues in our life.

Father, today I thank you for your prompting in my life through the Holy Spirit to study your word and to reflect on your attributes.  I thank you that you love me in spite of my sin and that you chose to create a perfect plan for me to be reconciled to you through Jesus Christ.  I pray that you will use me today to reach others with your gospel message.  I pray that you will work in the lives of those that seek you and that you’ll help us reach out to a hurting world.  Thank you for this time.  In Christ’s name – Amen.