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The Prayer Wall

While decorating our daughter’s new room, we scoured the internet for cool ideas. Everything from paint schemes, to play areas, to organizers, etc.  A new trend that is sweeping through our home decorating world is the idea of “chalk-board” paint.  You can now buy this special paint blend at your local paint supplier, put a couple coats on a normal wall, and you have an instant chalkboard.  Since Abigail is 4 years old, and just starting Pre-K, we thought, what a great idea.  She could practice writing her letters and numbers on her chalk board wall.  After a little thinking and discussion, we opted to use her sliding closet doors as our chalkboard project.  The end result…fabulous.  With nearly a half full can left, we started looking around for other “chalk-board” projects.  That’s when we decided we could have an information area in our home – grocery wants and needs, appointments, and so on.

prayerWallSo we painted a small-wall section from floor to ceiling with the the chalk board paint, with the full intention of creating this area for family info.  About a week or so later, we were hosting an Essential Oils class at the house and in an effort (like most host’s) we were scrambling to make the house look perfect…you know like we didn’t live there or have kids and we were staring at this blank “black” wall.  We came to realize, we don’t really have a lot of info to write on an entire wall.  So, the idea popped into my head…what if we made a prayer wall?  It was really just for decoration, but the Lord moved..,as he usually does.  After several comments by our guests, we took another look and thought, why not?

What has this done for our family?  It is a constant reminder that we should spend quality time bringing our fears, concerns, requests and praises to our Father in Heaven.  This wall is a focal point in our home.  You see it when you walk down the hallway, when you come up from the basement, and when you enter from the front door.  Each time I pass the wall, I find myself reflecting on the need of the person that is listed there and lifting up a quick silent prayer on their behalf.  Now, without hesitation we quickly write the names as we learn of the need.  The kids are in to it as well.  Several times, they have mentioned one or more of the names in their meal time prayers, or asked about a name on the wall.

It’s a quick, cheap, easy way to get your family to focus a little more on daily prayer.  And of course, as an adult, it is a lot of fun to “write on the wall”.  A total “no-no” when were growing up.