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When I was younger…much younger, I had a job at a fast food establishment.  It was my first job and I poured myself into it, at first.  I had a bit of a work ethic problem growing up, but that is an entirely different post.  It was during this job that I had an awful experience with being surrounded and overwhelmed by grease.  Now, I know the first thought is “that is to be expected, you were working fast food.” However, this wasn’t just the normal greasiness of fast-food.  In the back of the restaurant we had commercial fryers.  There were three deep wells that held quite a bit of cooking oil.  A nightly procedure was to drain the fryers and clean each well.  It was pretty simple.  There was a reservoir under the counter that was big enough to hold one well at a time.  You pulled a lever, drained the fryer well into the reservoir and proceeded to scrub the empty well.  Then you closed the lever and proceeded to refill the well from the reservoir.  On this particular night we had a very eager new employee that wanted to show he was willing to go above and beyond.  He was striving to show that not only would he do anything, but he would do it quicker than anyone else. His chore: clean the fryer wells.  He had been taught and executed the first well perfectly.  He pulled the lever and the oil began draining.  He then went to the next well, pulled that lever and then the next well.  That’s right, he drained three wells into a reservoir meant to hold ONE!  What happened next was we found the entire back side of the kitchen covered in 1-2 inches of used fryer oil.  It was EVERYWHERE.  That night, we cleaned for at least 4-5 hours to try and contain the spill, remove the residue, and restore the kitchen to its original state.  For weeks we found remnants of oil from one end of the store to the other.  I don’t know that it was every completely contained and cleaned up.

That story came to mind today as I was reading a devotion that focused on God’s omnipresence.  The author recounts the story of Moses and his interaction with God in the burning bush.  Moses wasn’t seeking God to worship Him, or to talk with Him, he was going about his day.  Where God was, I would imagine, was the last thing on Moses’s mind.  For nearly 40 years, his days had been the same, mundane almost.  Had God not showed up in the burning bush, He may not have gotten his attention because he wasn’t being sought after.  The point is that we need to recognize that God is everywhere.  He is everywhere at one time, always.  This attribute, when understood, will produce in us a constant worship.  Just like the oil finding its way into every nook and cranny of that building, so should God be able to have access and be in every part of my being.  When I focus on God and find Him in all the details of my life, I will be more likely to remember who He is and how He deserves my constant worship; not because of what He has done for me today, but simply because HE IS.

Lord, thank you for how You are always there.  You never leave me.  Just as the Psalmist said, “where can I go that you are not there?”  The answer is nowhere.  I pray that I will keep my heart open throughout the day and focused on You.  I pray that your spirit will encourage me in all areas of my life today.   Thank you for How you love me and I pray that I give you the reverence and worship that you deserve.  – Amen.

Reading Today: Psalm 139:7-12

True and Proper Worship

ddThis mornings devotion was based on a very familiar verse of scripture.  One of my favorites.  Romans 12:1-2 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your true and proper worship…”  I read it, almost closed it down, then followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit to re-read it a few more times.  In times past, I think I have always focused on being the living sacrifice.  That’s what that verse really spoke to me about.  Denying myself, giving my all to God, getting to the end of the day – reflecting and asking God to forgive me for falling so short.  But why?  Why should I try day in and day out to deny myself and to present my body, mind and soul as a living sacrifice.  Simple.  Because this is my true and proper worship.  It’s not about what I say, but how I live.  God isn’t interested in what I bring to the table with my mouth, He delights in how I serve him when I’m alone, and how I serve him when I am taking the kids to school.  He is focused on how I serve him when things don’t go my way, or the day seems ruined by this or that.  Am I being a living sacrifice?  Am I consciously striving to live every moment in a way that is pleasing to the Lord?  Is my focus, each morning, to bring true and proper worship to my Father in Heaven?  It should be.

The scripture continues talking about how we are not to conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  This idea of stepping out in faith to live by God’s standard and not my own highlights the importance of denying myself and my thoughts, plans and desires so that I can better see God’s plan for my life.  The last part speaks about how this renewing of the mind transformation will allow you to test and approve God’s will.  God has a plan – a perfect plan.  Our job is to wait on his timing and continually be ready, physically and spiritually to act when he makes it clear what that plan is.

Lord, today, may I step out in faith.  May I be patient and loving, and may I focus on your plan for my life.  Your  perfect will and not try to spin things just to fit my small view.  Your ways are perfect and are all that I need.  Amen.