Graphic Services

I love graphic arts.  As a child I was always drawing.  Most of the time it was when i shouldn’t be (during math class, or just about any other class).  While in college I took an interest in journalism, video-broadcast journalism to be exact.  Unlike most of my classmates though, my interest was behind the camera and in the editing bay.  I spent too much time framing up the perfect shot, or editing and re-editing my video roll so it had the best special effects, and the best clarity.  This early passion always stayed with me and over the past five years I have had the opportunity to work with website graphics

Today, I consider myself a novice graphic artist.  I specialize in working with stock photography, vector images, website template art and layouts, and more.  I have created several custom logos, website templates, and related website graphics.  Recently I have begun the journey of learning the art of photography.  I was blessed to receive a DSLR camera for Christmas and have spent many hours learning, practicing, etc.  I am also beginning to work with studio photography having purchased professional lighting, green screens and software.

Be sure to check out my links and my portfolio.  If you are interested in obtaining my services, feel free to contact me at