Lukewarm Study


Thank you Jesus

In 2016, a teenager from North Carolina wanted to do something to express his love for Jesus.  He got a yard sign and put three simple words on it: Thank you Jesus.  That was it.  He put it in his front yard and went about his normal teenage life.  It wasn’t long before his neighbors saw the sign and asked for one for their yards as well.  Soon the requests were in the thousands.  Today, over 20,000 yard signs have been made and distributed….  

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Insanity. No, I’m not talking about the crazy workout video series that I, proudly, made it through day 4 without dying. I’m talking about real-world insanity. Most of us know the definition – doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. For a Christian, a better definition may include doing whatever we want without worry because we know the end result. This type of insane thinking is dangerous and could be a false assurance. It’s what came to mind…

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Caught in the middle

Lukewarm people love God, but they do not love Him with all their heart, soul, and strength. They would be quick to assure you that they try to love God that much, but that sort of total devotion isn’t really possible for the average person; it’s only for pastors and missionaries.

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Are you changed?

When I was a child, I told a lie. There it’s out there. I have been waiting to confess this sin for almost 30 years now. In reality, I told many lies. It’s what kids tend to do, and unfortunately, many don’t change as they grow. Trying to think back (and it’s getting farther and farther back there), I wanted to remember why I lied. Of all the instances that I could recall, most of the time, the lie was simply because I didn’t want to get in trouble for what I did wrong. For example, “did you brush your teeth?”

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One side or the other

I hate conflict. Ask anyone that knows me. I don’t like to argue to the point that I offend. I often spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make everyone happy. I would have been a good mediator – trying to find the best solution for both sides (so long as no one was mad at me at the end of the day).

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Moving from charity to sacrifice

Late at night, sometimes closer to midnight – that’s when I usually get to enjoy a full uninterrupted bowl of cereal. I love cereal. I always have. I think it is what sustained me as a growing child. My daughter, who is now 5, loves cereal too. Usually it’s Daddy’s cereal she loves the best. She is like our black lab, running from anywhere in the house when she hears the cereal hit the bowl.

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