Website Services

I entered into the world of website design after taking a, seemingly pointless and simple, class in college. All education majors were required to take two (1) hour sections of educational technology. It just so happened that Microsoft was splashing the scene with the fantastic (later I would call the devil) WYSIWYG program called FrontPage. Combine that with a professor who that it was “cool” and there we were building personal portfolio websites.

It stuck. From that day forward, I kept adding to my personal site and then I was captivated by the online site builders. I never had the opportunity to stop and learn how to code, but I was really more fascinated with the finished product from the design side. Fast forward 15 years now and I have been successfully building a variety of websites for personal and small business use. I still don’t have a very strong background in programming, but have been able to pick up quite a bit so that I can edit and work with most HTML5 and CSS3 code. Math…just wasn’t my best subject, but luckily I have aligned myself with those that “can”. This page will serve to highlight some of my work and hopefully spark interest in my services.

While I specialize in custom designs from scratch, I have started to work with CMS or content management systems utilizing the WordPress platform.  This has opened up a whole new opportunity to provide a quality web experience for my clients with many added features that were not previously possible.  To get a FREE custom quote on a new website or web-based project, contact me.